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Review: THE TIME TRAVEL CAFE at the Canvas Club

Review by Josie Montano & Robert McLachlan

Stopping first for a timeless cocktail in the bar next door, we waited in anticipation for the venues doors to open at exactly 6pm. The suggestion was that we take the opportunity to visit as the liberated version of ourselves with no common expectations from our current timeline.

Once we stepped into the venue, we not only entered into the world of the 1920’s but were ushered out the back to the speak-ezy bar hidden behind the Tailor shop. We noticed a variety of ‘travellers’ from different timelines mingling with the guests and each other. We were quickly accosted by one of the historical characters who lured us and a small number of guests to a section of the cafe to deliver their strong and entertaining performance.

We won’t spoil the experience by mentioning the characters or the evening’s agenda, but going in with the inside knowledge that you can participate in a variety of ways may be beneficial. A patron may decide to just sit at one of the tables and observe the going-on and potentially be joined by one of the ‘travellers’ who may divulge secrets or hints on how to immerse yourself further; or you may follow the ‘travellers’ as they go about their own missions. Or if you are competitive there’s also an opportunity to partake in a type of escape-room timed twist without the escape….sorry can’t say anymore other than the words time machine, fractal sump and paradox!

The brilliant cast gave outstanding performances and impressively stayed in character throughout, bravo Brie Jurrs, Gina Tay Limpus, Matthew Hannibal Butler, Nadia Milford and Wayne Jennings. Kudos also to the Stage Manager: Karina White, Assistant Stage Manager: Ryan Grice and Assistant Stage Manager: Jade Brider.

The one hour immersive theatre experience is presented by Spacefold Technology, and hosted at the Canvas Club, Woolloongabba, an ideal forum for the historical time travel narrative to be performed in. The Creative Producer James Elliott, together with the Director: Kristian Santic are to be commended for the authentic and historical world they created within such a small space.

If you are a lover of history, time travel, are lured by the unusual with an ‘absurdist twist’ as well as want to become a part of history, then this theatre experience is for you. If you are feeling adventurous the request is that you dress in surreal formal attire, yes we had to google it too! But the added hints were to research what a "Salvador Dali Party" would entail. Really it could mean anything, so check your wardrobe or your dress-ups box for anything a little extra and out there, throw it all together and step out for the evening. It’s fun as well as liberating!

Tickets still available during The Anywhere Festival until the 23rd May. Have a drink or cocktail at the bar next door, book a table for a bite afterwards and enjoy the fun-filled night where anything and everything can happen. Make the time!

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