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Theatre Travels is a Sydney-Based Production Company, creating on Gadigal Land, and a nation-wide Reviewing Platform. 

Theatre Travels Productions fit into one, or all, of our 3 primary focus areas: 


  1. We specifically seek to produce World, Australian or State specific premieres. We believe in bringing the best of the best from around the world to our audiences and actively see as much theatre as possible from around Australia and the World to ensure that we are always on the look out for the next beautiful piece to share. We also have a passion for giving new female-identifying voices a stage for their new plays, especially if they're Aussie! 

  2. We prioritize stories that highlight female characters that are whole, authentic and truthful in their depiction of both the trials and triumphs of being a modern woman.

  3. Finally, and arguably most importantly, we tell stories that serve as a call to action. We call this cause-focused theatre. We believe that Art can be used a way to start conversation and focus on topics, situations and circumstances that may challenge or call one to question their beliefs prior to the show. 


We have been creating theatre since November 2018 and as at Feb 2023, have produced over 20 shows and toured to multiple cities around Australia. We have worked with over 150 Artists, curated 2 festivals and we are JUST GETTING STARTED. 

Theatre Travels is also one of Australia's most active reviewing platforms. Over 70% of our reviewers are Artists in the industry and as such, we see our site as a 'peer review' site. We simply love theatre and want to help you choose what shows to see so that you love it as much as we do! 

This all started as just a simple instagram account and has grown and grown since. 

Thank you for being part of this journey with us.




Kian Pitman in The Sweet Science of Bruising

About our Artistic Director
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Artistic and Founding Director

Carly is a Director, Producer and the Artistic Director and Founder of Theatre Travels. For the Company, Carly has produced 22 shows (2018-2023) and has Directed 11. Additionally, Carly has freelanced to Direct and Product shows that are new Australian works written by inspiring Female playwrights. 


At the core of her creative practice, Carly is passionate about Directing and Producing Cause-Focused Theatre, that is, theatre that is a call to action and can be used as an educational tool to change minds and attitudes, or to call on change.

Carly is also the Creator and Producer of the NO:INTERMISSION Festival and the editor of Theatre Travels’ active reviewing platform.


In 2022, Carly made her international Directorial debut in Edinburgh and Production debut in New York city. 2022 credits include: In Their Footsteps (Director and Producer, Adelaide and Canberra), 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche (Producer, Sydney and Adelaide),  Winner of Broadway World Sydney’s ‘Best New Work’ Award, Puppets (Director, Sydney, Melbourne and Edinburgh), Silenced (Director, Sydney), The Culture (Producer, New York), Young Bodies/Somebody’s (Producer, Sydney) and The Sweet Science of Bruising (Director and Producer, Sydney) which was awarded Runner Up for 3 BroadwayWorld Sydney Awards. 

In early 2023, Carly is touring with The Culture as the Creative Producer and Tour Director, with Broadway Diva as Co-Creator and Director and is Producing Bright Half Life in Sydney. 

Carly’s Full Bio is available at 

Contact Carly at 

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