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Review: Sinsuality: Make it Reign at The Rechabite

Reviewed by Tatum Stafford

A beloved Fringe favourite, the ‘Sinsuality’ team are back for their 7th year at the festival. Whether this is your first viewing, or you grab a ticket every year, you’re bound to have a stupidly fun time at this sexy and sinful show.

Presented by the award-winning team of local drag queen BarbieQ and beloved circus performers Kinetica, the premise of ‘Sinsuality’ is simple: drag, burlesque and circus performers are primed to take the audience on a journey through the seven deadly sins. This year, they’ve given the show a ‘royal’ twist.

After a sultry all-cast opening number, BarbieQ worked their magic with the crowd on the mic and introduced Karl Kayoss, with the sin of ‘wealth’. An epic silks routine followed, complete with crowd interaction thanks to a few cleverly-planted fake dollar bills (though I won’t spoil where the money ends up at the end of the number).

Sarah Ritchie’s hypnotic contortion act was up next, and was met with deserved raucous applause by the audience. Matthew Pope may win best outfit and props of the night with his latex pink number which revealed to a pig tail and a creatively placed glittery apple. Pope’s aerial act was thrilling to watch – the Rechabite is a fantastic venue for acts like his, allowing plenty of height and really effective lighting that high up in the air.

Sugar du Joure’s hilarious burlesque number was up next, bookmarked smartly by a quick anecdote from BarbieQ that gave the number plenty of subtext and moments for Sugar to improv animatedly with the audience. Ruby Lai, one of Perth’s most renowned pole artists, performed a jaw-dropping routine on a pole that was suspended in the air, and flew over the audience at several points. I’m sure anyone who has seen her perform live will agree that if she is included in a Fringe line-up, buy a ticket and witness her talent for yourself.

A very NSFW number with a lot of the cast was a highlight, as was the final performance, which featured Kinetica artist Bec on a suspended ring wearing an absolutely gorgeous Marie Antoinette-inspired costume, complete with a four-tiered blonde wig. The finale number to an ABBA classic was an instant hit with audiences, and was great fun to watch.

The cast of ‘Sinsuality’ are so talented that any one of their acts are worth the price of admission. The show is tons of fun, and suitably raunchy, making it a great night out at Fringe.

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