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Review: RAILED at the FRINGE Pleasure Garden

Review by Emily Smith

FRINGE favourites the Head First Acrobats are back in Perth with their western-style mix of circus tricks and saucy antics, RAILED.

Buff, beautiful, and barely dressed Harley, AJ, Richard, and Alex filled The Vault at FRINGE’s Pleasure Garden with an hour of laughter and raucous cheering last night. There were a few moments I was afeared a high-flying stunt would come a cropper onto me in the front row (the Wild West lingo really catches), but the Headfirst crew are phenomenal acrobats and the only thing that came raining down on my head were a few RAILED-themed twenties generously tossed into the audience from the boys’ waistbands. 

As well as showing off their athletic bodies in an ever changing parade of assless chaps and booty shorts the Head First Acrobats displayed their wide range of circus talents; from casual backflips and handstands on each other’s shoulders to cutting flowers with a whip, rolling around at breakneck speeds in a giant hula hoop, and proving that there is a definitive answer to what is the sexiest circus trick of them all: juggling.

My heart stayed in my throat most of the show as I watched the boys throw themselves and each other around expertly, spinning around a pommel horse (complete with mane) and flipping over each other from the seesaw. And, of course, these gob-smacking circus skills were all completed with signature humour and interspersed with hilarious antics. While one is 10 feet in the air balancing on a stack of chairs you can guarantee in the background the others are making lewd jokes and cavortin’ around. There’s always more to see, and every moment is elevated by a bully playlist and some spectacular lighting effects.

RAILED is a gleefully sexy smorgasbord of talent and a guaranteed rootin’ tootin’ night of fun. 

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