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Review: Potty the Plant at Patter Hoose - Ed Fringe

Review by Carly Fisher

There’s been a lot of talk in the Arts world about how popular escapist theatre has become, why we need it and what we have to gain from making it. Potty the Plant is a perfect example of just how much audiences want and need a light hour of total ridiculousness, but one that still boasts great talent on stage, and clear consideration in its creation.

One could probably best describe this show as ‘off-brand Little Shop of Horrors’ - you know, like when you get ‘cola’ at Aldi…it’s similar. A fun musical that follows three haphazard nurses and a pot plant on a mission to solve the mysterious disappearances of children at the Little Boo Boo Hospital where they work. Add in the highly suspicious Dr Acula and the not-so-happy-go-lucky love interest, Miss Lacey, and you have an incredibly talented team of six.

Stephanie Cubello, Sam Ridley and Zach Burns make up the hilarious trio of nurses. Expressive in their characterisation, skilled in their vocal prowess and right on point in terms of comedic timing, the three really make the show! However, whilst they make it, it is Baden Burns’ vocalisation of Potty that steals it! Firstly, Potty is a really cute puppet and then Burns’ puppeteering is excellent. The few times we see Burns onstage as well…pure hilarity! Sarah Oakland and Alex Singh are Miss Lacey and the Dr respectively and both give committed performances, full of comedy and again, strong characterisation.

The show is ridiculous to the point of chaotic but it works. I must admit, I was surprised by how into it I got. I can attribute that only to the actors and their complete dedication to the show. The storyline, realistically, is not great but because of the well written comedy, the funny costuming and again, the execution of it, you forgive its shortcomings. Though expected, the little twist at the end was a perfect ending and full kudos goes to the writing team for wrapping up this rambunctious show neatly - that can take a lot of skill and it is very well executed here.

Unfortunately the night I went, overly enthusiastic friends in the audience got a little too rowdy - a note to audiences, please ALWAYS come and support your buddies on stage! As an artist myself, it means the world to us! But please still be respectful of the fact that your friends are working and that other audience members have paid to be there to see their talent - don’t distract from that…please.

All in all, this show will do well at any fringe it goes to from here, and if I were producing this, I’d certainly be looking for where else it can go. Set your expectations for a fun night, don’t actually analyse the content, just enjoy what is before you…and you’ll love this show!

Congratulations to the whole team involved in bringing Potty the Plant to life and thanks for a great night of fringe entertainment - after a long few weeks of shows, seeing this at the end of my Fringe was just was the DOCTOR ordered.

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