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Review: Pear at The Chalet

Reviewed by Tatum Stafford

Each Fringe, there are a few shows that feel really special – usually in seemingly random venues, with medium-sized audiences when they open – that are well worth scouting out and seeing before word of mouth sells them out.

Direct from Edinburgh Fringe, ‘Pear’ is one of these lightning-in-a-bottle shows, which had the audience in hysterics on its opening night in the classroom-style Chalet venue in the Perth Cultural Centre.

This two-hander features Hugo and Patrick McPherson, two twins who were born in Australia but live in England (the superior place to live, they jest). Both of them are six foot seven, and wear matching outfits of green shirts and black pants, which plays up to the twin shtick they cultivate and hilariously mine for laughs during the show.

Over the next hour, Hugo and Patrick launch into a series of hilariously written and performed sketches, covering everything from ice fishing in a remote area to recognising someone at the supermarket.

The throughline of the show is a gag that legendary director Sam Mendes gave the pair feedback on how to make the show more dramatic and impactful. They proceed to show us the ‘Sam Mendes’ version, and the original version, of each sketch.

The show is a laugh a minute, and makes good use of props, including a simple chalkboard where the boys have written their ‘recipe to a successful show’, which included good writing, a strong finish, and cultural commentary.

It was such a joy to watch them play off of each other, and as is the case with many sketch or comedy shows, it was even more joyful to watch them break character and let the audience in on the joke a bit.

It was an hour chock-full of laughs, and I’m so glad I got to see it early in the run so I can implore you to buy a ticket! This is not one to miss, and I’m hopeful we’ll be seeing the twins at many Perth Fringe Festivals to come.

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