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Review: Myra DuBois “Be Well” at Connections Nightclub

Reviewed by Tatum Stafford

International acts are trickling back into the Perth Fringe circuit, and watching UK drag royalty Myra DuBois take to the Connections Nightclub stage was a fantastic reminder of the sheer level of talent we’re lucky to experience during this four-week festival each year.

Myra’s bio is filled with glowing references from Graham Norton, Bianca Del Rio and Boy George, which meant we were in for a treat when we took our seats.

Opening with a joyful original song, Myra introduced the ‘be well’ sentiment of the show, and explained that over COVID, she had become a makeshift wellness guru, and wanted to impart her wisdom on us all over the next hour.

The show’s plot and structure were loose in the best way possible. Myra’s banter with every corner of the intimate audience was a riot to witness, and her quick wit was no match for any sass or hesitance she encountered.

Though Perth Fringe is a bustling and busy four weeks, a weeknight on the last week of Fringe is a tough timeslot to pack a room. This didn’t get Myra down; instead she quipped about how “when you can hear the aircon, you know the gig’s going well” and the crowd were definitely on her side.

Myra’s interaction with her tech crew was also hilarious, and though unfortunately there were a few timing issues with sound cues on the night we saw it, they were thrown away with a joke and a wink to the audience, who felt truly in on the joke.

It’s no mystery why Myra has racked up such fabulous reviews across the globe, and it was such a treat to see her in action right here in Perth. If she visits a city near you, don’t hesitate to snap up a ticket.

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