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Review: Miss Behave Gameshow at Arts Centre Melbourne

By Nicola Bennett

The Miss Behave Gameshow treats their Arts Centre audience to a large dose of scandalous games and glittery goodness. Part cabaret show, part disco and part interactive gameshow, the show catapults the audience through a variety of challenges, ranging from song identification to word games and improvisation tasks. The hosts allocate points to the audience based on their participation throughout, and by the conclusion of the show there was no audience member who had not jumped from their seat at least once to cheer their team’s success, dance along to the throwback tunes, or yell out their answer in their quest for more points.

The show’s successful use of people power should not distract from the performance’s outstanding ringmasters, as Miss Behave (Amy Saunders) and Tiffany met the audience’s every action with an equally hilarious and unpredictable counteraction. Miss Behave, who consistently keeps the energy high and the audience volume higher from the very first game, carries out much of the hosting heavy lifting. Further recognition must also go to the charismatic Tiffany, Miss Behave’s highly flexible assistant with a flair for comedic timing and impromptu dance breaks. It is a rare opportunity as an audience member to have such control over the direction of a performance, but the success of this factor is a testament to the improvisation prowess of the fabulous Miss Behave and Tiffany.

It was fascinating to observe how willingly a group of complete strangers embraced both the riské gameshow format and their own competitive urges, while unanimously maintaining a sense of light-hearted sportsmanship throughout each challenge. The show encourages audience members to step outside of the classic theatre experience and delve head-first into entertainment of their own design, while under the intoxicating guidance of the fabulous Miss Behave and Tiffany.

For a night of scandal, sequins and soaring laughter, the Miss Behave Gameshow will always be the night’s winner. Catch this hilarious night out before it closes on 27/1/18!

Photo Credit: Nicola Bennett

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