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Review: Millicent Sarre is Opinionated at The Rechabite

Review by Tatum Stafford

The theme is in the title: Millicent is here, and she’s got plenty of opinions, hot takes, and hard truths to share with us. A self-dubbed professional feminist, she is armed with her keyboard, a ukulele, a prop telephone and a mic in the cosy Goodwill Club in The Rechabite building – and if Saturday night’s show is anything to go by, she is one of the most phenomenal solo acts to hit Perth Fringe this year. 

Off the bat, Millicent is a brilliant storyteller. Her opinions, often embedded with powerful stats and humorous asides, are highly relatable and incredibly eloquent. Her deep-dive monologues about everything from the gender pay gap to a hilariously haunted sex toy (no spoilers) are lightning quick and delivered with charm that could disarm almost anyone. 

Millicent’s voice is absolutely stunning, and her original songs throughout the show gave her higher range the chance to shine. I particularly loved the final song, a self-love ballad called ‘I Will Be Mine’, where she flipped from her lower to higher range with impeccable ease and through stunning lyrics.

Without giving too much away, there are moments in this show that Millicent directly addresses the women in the audience with the guarantee that we’ve all felt like she has at least once in our lives; about our bodies, about how we judge other women, about not fighting for what we deserve. S

he handled these topics delicately and with the reverence and importance they deserve, which created such a safe and affirming environment amongst the audience. The contrast between funnier, upbeat songs (such as the apt ‘If You’re An Adult Man Dating a Teenager You’re a Creep’ on the uke) to the raw emotionalist of ‘Out Of Love’, a song in which she chronicles falling a little bit out of love with her own body throughout her adolescence, absolutely bowled me over. 

This is a well-rounded, expertly crafted show that absolutely everyone will take something meaningful away from. Millicent is a stellar performer and I am extremely hopeful she has a very bright future ahead of her. Snap up a ticket and witness this beautiful performance for yourself. 

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