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Review: Lou Wall vs The Internet at Assembly George Square Studios - Ed Fringe

Review by Lucy Holz

This is not the first time I’ve seen Lou Wall at a comedy festival, and I doubt it will be the last. Known for their eclectic videos combining the best of TikTok, Vine and everything the world of pop culture has to offer, a show by Lou Wall is always a good way to keep up with current events.

Lou Wall vs The Internet follows Wall’s journey with jealousy, how it has plagued them since childhood and, despite their own successes, has continued to follow them throughout their life. Asking us to recall our own arch nemesis, Wall immediately sets up a clear structure for the show. If they become more successful than the woman they’re jealous of, that means all those pesky feelings will go away, right?

Wall takes us through their mission to defeat the green eyed monster, by getting more followers, earning more money and finally achieving their long overdue EGOT. The audience are treated to musical numbers in a variety of styles, ranging all the way from a heartfelt ballad about escaping to Switzerland to a foot fetish based rap.

All backgrounded by a seamless slideshow of videos, visual effects and internet memes, Lou Wall vs The Internet is a feast for the eyes. This year has been an exceptionally tech heavy festival, with hiccups in every show I’ve seen so far. It’s a relief to watch a seasoned comedian who is truly a master at the performing in front of a projector craft.

Wall’s comedy style is conversational and hyper self aware, punctuated only by the occasional ear splitting scream. I can’t help but wonder how they keep this vocal performance up night after night, but with jealousy as a motivator the world is truly your oyster.

With the whole structure of the show leading up towards a reveal of who Lou Wall is really versing in life, the audience thinks we know what to expect. However, through an unexpected twist executed through a stream of simultaneous zoom calls, we are taken down a far more introspective path.

Funny, dynamic and embarrassingly relatable, this show is ideal for generation Z and those who love them. No-one wants to admit they’ve thought about selling foot pics online to achieve financial domination over the girl they’re jealous of, but we’ve all thought about it haven’t we?

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