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Review: Joyride at Fringe Hub Carpark

Review by Thomas Gregory

There are many interesting venues at which a Fringe show may be held. The carpark at the Trades Hall is definitely one of them. On a wet weekend night, the graffitied concrete lit by portable lights lends an unreal aesthetic to a production. If your show just happens to be set in and around a vintage car, then the venue is perfect.

Joyride, the brainchild of variety artist Anna Lumb and performed by Lumb with drag icon Dandrongyny, certainly takes advantage of this aesthetic. This fever-dream comedy of colour and movement relies on providing an audio-visual spectacle - one it delivers in spades.

The performances in this show are outstanding. The two stars are incredible physical artists, both as dancers and clowns. Headbanging, gyrating, twerking, they dive into, out of, and over the car, all the while heavily relying on each other’s strength and timing with great confidence. The artists end the show a little over half an hour later, drenched in water, sweat and beer, and doubt they would have a single bit of energy left to give.

This visual feast is supplemented by a soundtrack of fast-paced beats, some perfectly ridiculous “special effects”, and outrageously flamboyant costume changes. Sometimes it almost reaches the point of being overwhelming, but the creators seem to know the exact moment the show needs to change pace or pull back to offer the audience a breath before pushing the limits just a little further.

Joyride is, according to Lumb, a prototype - a test run of its concepts before expansion into a larger production. While perfect as a short performance, how much damage could occur to the show if overly extended? As it stands, the narrative and characterisations are unrequired threads, but might their absence be felt more heavily? And could such constant bombardment with heavy-duty joy get tiring if an audience is assaulted with it for too long? What more could these talented artists offer to their next viewers? With how entertaining Joyride is in its present state, you can bet I will be there to find out these answers at its next iteration. In the meantime, ensure you catch this act while you still can.

Joyride is peak Fringe.

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