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Review: Tom Walker - My Treasures My Beautiful Treasures at The Comedy Store

Review by Lauren Donikian

In his latest offering comedian, clown and streamer, Tom Walker explores obsession, the internet, and pathetic men (his words). During this one-hour special Walker gives us a glimpse into his fascination with online forums, his love for analysis and spreadsheets, and the odd communications he is willing to have along the way. 

Calling out his ‘mad’ look at the top of the show Walker is very self-assured as he addresses the audience. Whilst little audience interaction occurs Walker is very much in the moment and ready with a quick quip or comment should anyone react differently to what is expected. In his green shirt and jeans, the spotlight on his face and warm orange lighting around him, jaunty music can be heard quietly as he continues with the show. Whether it helps him with timing or memory it is a nice addition and seems to round out the performance. It changes subtly throughout the hour-long performance and yet never seems intrusive. 

There is a stool by his side, with papers – pages that he has saved from his favourite forums that he will read out to the audience, because they must be seen to be believed. Whilst these stories and experiences aren’t his there is a fascination and childlike glee that he gets from re-telling them and a thrill from sharing them with the crowd which is infectious. Whether you find the content funny or not, the passion from Walker will reel you in. Walker is frenetic, raving, and sweating as he speaks about the treasures that he has found, and you can’t help but be swept up into the ridiculousness of it. He declares his love for the people he follows in the forums, pictures them in normal settings at unpredictable times, screams out to them by their usernames with no judgement. Just pure acceptance. There is an innocence and boyish charm that Walker portrays, that makes what is discussed in these forums come across as conventional. The pure joy that he gets out of sharing these treasures with everyone is what makes you laugh out loud. 

His comedic timing, physical comedy, and all around ‘I’m very vanilla’ vibe is what makes My Treasures My Beautiful Treasures a show that is not just about the content but about how collecting things that you love makes you feel. If we all shared our treasures – however ridiculous they seem what freeing, and fun lives we would lead.

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