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Review: It’s Up To You, Tash York, Tash York at The Rechabite

Review by Tatum Stafford

Sometimes, the most entertaining Fringe shows are the loosest – and this is certainly the case for Tash York’s offering this year. 

Her show is called ‘It’s Up To You, Tash York, Tash York’, even though she’s never been to New York (but she assures us she’s been to herself many times). The premise of the show revolves around a choose-your-own-adventure. She has a free trial to and asks the audience to choose between songs as the show progresses, with options like ‘90s vs Disney’, and ‘Cher vs Shirley Bassett’. 

Tash has a stunning voice, charismatic personality, and plenty of jokes that kept the audience engaged and entertained for the full hour. She threw in a few wildcard numbers, including an improvised rap that had the audience in stitches. She also utilised a prop wheel which enabled her to get progressively tipsier throughout the evening, with categories including ‘red wine’, ‘white wine’ and ‘shot’, as well as a few more sips with the show’s closer, ‘Raise Your Glass’ by Pink. 

Tash is accompanied on keys by Peppy Smears, who manages to steal part of the show with a hilarious number about the importance of air con in modern dating (which was particularly pertinent on this 30-degree night in Perth). Peppy was the perfect sidekick for the evening.

This is a super fun and energetic show that gives the audience plenty to laugh at and sing along with. Tash is a pro cabaret artist and her banter with Peppy is such a treat to watch – highly recommend grabbing a ticket to see her for yourself!

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