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Review: Indoor Kids at C Arts Studio – Ed Fringe

Review by Tatum Stafford

‘Indoor Kids’ is a gem of a show – purposely a bit awkward, chock-full of inside jokes that the performers will let you in on, and complete with a mega mix dance finale.

The show tells the story of JR and Noa, two friends who met as next-door neighbours and went through high school, college, and a move to New York City together. It follows a linear timeline of their friendship, and celebrates the things that brought them (or kept them) together at each stage in their life, including being theatre kids, having their first kisses, trying to fit in with the cool kids and living in the big city (in Times Square, to be exact).

The two use simple props and a black box space to walk us through the years they’ve spent together, and obviously have remarkable chemistry together having known each other for so long. They are both hilarious storytellers and have an arsenal of jokes that the audience loved.

The thing I appreciated most about this show was its balance of in-jokes, pop culture references, and storytelling. Even though the concept of two friends telling stories about their friendship might sound a bit alienating to audiences, they kept the show really engaging with funny stories, musical interludes, and deadpan delivery of jokes, which I loved.

One of the highlights of the show is its finale; a mega mix of songs and sound bites that represent their friendship. This included really niche musical theatre references (which I loved), quotes from TV shows and movies, and songs that they passionately lip synced along to, which was hilarious.

The show has quite a simple concept, but is executed really well by these two real-life friends. I’d recommend going along for an afternoon of laughter and fun. Kudos to JR and Noa for a very entertaining, relatable and fun show.

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