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Review: GODZ at the Pleasure Garden - Perth FringeWorld

Review by Emily Smith

At the Aurora Spiegeltent in Perth’s Pleasure Garden lies a portal to the hallowed halls on Mount Olympus, where Greek gods and demi-gods are waiting to entertain visitors with gravity-defying stunts and no short supply of laughter.

Four gleaming men with truly godly figures greeted a packed-out tent on Perth FRINGE World’s opening night, kitted out in togas, and kept us in awe for an hour and a half that flew by as fast as Cupid in his feathery golden wings.

A lot of the usual circus acts we have come to expect from a Fringe Circus show were there, with a special Headfirst Acrobats twist, as well as some new ones.

Dionysus wowed us with his skill on the diabolo, spinning it faster and faster with the biggest grin on his face and confidence befitting a god.

Cupid had us on the edge of our seats as he balanced on his hands on the edge of his own, stacked on top of six other chairs and a table twenty feet in the air. Even while I held my breath I couldn’t help laughing at his banter with the technicians playing tense music, and the sultry looks he threw to the crowd.

Hades made a special appearance and turned our expectations of the trapeze upside down, literally balancing on his head while he swung above the crowd.

And Hercules impressed us with his ladder tricks and prowess with the whip, all the while keeping us in stitches with his cheeky humour.

It wouldn’t be a true Greek mythology show if the togas didn’t come off, although I am hesitant to add the nudity warning, as (from my seat, at least) very quick hands kept all the important bits hidden behind golden plates, or each other! The boys managed to maintain their impressive acrobatic feats while keeping us in raucous laughter with their nude antics, so while I wouldn’t recommend you bring children along, there’s something for everyone in this dazzling show.

My throat still hurts from cheering on the Headfirst Acrobats in their steamy, awe-inspiring performance, and everyone should get themselves a ticket while there’s still a seat at the table of the gods.

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