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Review: Foxdog Studios: Robo Bingo at Underbelly Cowgate – Ed Fringe

Review by Tatum Stafford

It almost feels like an impossible task to review Foxdog Studios’ Robo Bingo show – if these next few paragraphs feel like ‘you had to be there’, I’d highly recommend snapping up a ticket and experiencing this wild ride of a show for yourself.

Some words that come to mind are wacky, interactive, madcap and absolutely hilarious.

As we were ushered into the basement-like room at Underbelly Cowgate, we were told to get out our phones and log on to participate in the next hour of ‘Robo Bingo’. Robo because the two performers had built their own robot, which looked a bit like a paper-mache blowfish on wheels, and Bingo because throughout the night, we played bingo with a mix of numbers, animals, and even attractions on the Isle of Man.

The two performers, ‘computer boys’ Lloyd and Pete, have set up a very sophisticated IT program where players from the audience can log in, give themselves a nickname, and play along. Throughout the show, our names would appear on the screen and we’d be given instructions of what to do, and how to control things on the stage or screen – at one point, audience members were in control of the robot’s movements, which could have ended disastrously but was thankfully a hilarious success.

The brilliance of this show is in Lloyd and Pete’s sarcastic humour and deadpan delivery. Neither of them broke character once, no matter how much the audience goaded them or how ridiculous the games got.

This was a laugh-out-loud show and one I’d highly recommend grabbing a few mates and heading along to see. Don’t forget to charge your phone, and don’t worry too much about where you’re sitting – everyone is part of the action the whole way through.

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