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Review: Flickery: The Art of Female Pleasure at Fringe Brisbane Hub - Bris Fringe

Review by Mikaela O’Sullivan

Lyrical Infusion’s Flickery: The Art of Female Pleasure takes the audience on a sexual journey from start to finish. The performance is said to be a “comedy of clits, tits and other bits” and is “celebrating women, pleasure and all things orgasmic” and well, it certainly didn’t disappoint! Miss Webster and Madame Lush take us on a journey of fantasy and frolic inspiring the audience to leave the venue and google where their nearest sex toy shop could be.

From the moment we enter the space we are greeted by sensual lighting, a combination of blue and pink lights blend on the white walls to give a hazy yet colourful atmosphere. As an audience we are automatically given a sense of inclusion in the space as the lighting shines from four corners of the room, giving the feeling that we too are part of the performance, which in fact we were! The comedy presents two perspectives of female pleasure: a female that has explored pleasure and sexual fantasies versus a female who is only beginning to discover the art that is female pleasure. We are introduced to the flamboyant Madame Lush, a cabaret connoisseur who sets the tone for the rest of the performance, dancing and removing sex toys from her sparkly pink bag to the music of Edith Piaf’s - La Vie En Rose. The ups and downs of learning how to pleasure oneself is told in a comedic and carefree fashion by poet Miss Webster, encouraging the audience to also explore the meaning of sexual pleasure “Don’t touch us, each other or yourselves… you can masturbate when you get home”.

Throughout the show the audience is encouraged to be involved in the performance both on and off stage with responsive oooo’s, ahhh’s and audience participation games. The sexy games center around vaginas, sexual toys and finding that spot that makes us tick. This form of interaction proved successful to not only create a safe environment to learn about sexual pleasure but an environment that encouraged us as sexual beings to be playful. This also heightened the comedic elements of the show as audience members became a major part of the performance further illustrating the key idea that sexual health is playful and should be enjoyed by all females of any colour, age, shape or size. Ultimately, we are given the message that sex in its own right is a performance and we must set up our best scene to achieve that climatic finale.

Madame Lush recollects her sexual experiences in Paris and her dream to be in the Moulin Rouge, reminiscing on adventurous nights and depicting her favourite ways to masturbate. These recollections are further enhanced by the use of props and costuming choices. Costumes varying from bold sparkly pink corsets to red sexy lingerie enforced the various kinds of sex we can have. The added fluffy feathers certainly tickled all our senses. Even a furry “pussy cat” costume is worn to help Madame Lush to describe to the audience her pussy cat “clitty” who “always comes” when called. Both Webster and Lush dance around the audience showing various sex toys ranging from dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and the odd vegetable or two. Webster blossoms from dark clothing to bright sexy lingerie to join Lush in a cabaret style strip tease which captures the essence of becoming comfortable with your own body. Music sets the tone for these cartoon-like interludes with songs such as Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” and Bananarama’s “Venus” to convey both sexual play and empowerment.

Flickery: The Art of Female Pleasure is a performance that offers both laughter and education. The performance urges the audience to think about what pleasure is, how it can be achieved and encourages each person in the room to go home and explore their body. Both performers break character at the end of the performance to talk about their own experiences that inspired the comedy, which was a beautiful touch to add a serious element to what we have witnessed in the hour long performance. This was an extremely enjoyable performance that captures the beauty that is female pleasure and why it should be celebrated. If you would like to learn more about the artistry of female pleasure and sensuality in a light hearted and comedic tone, this is certainly the show for you!

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