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Review: FILTHY at Connections Nightclub

Review By Tatum Stafford

Karl Kayoss is a staple on the Perth Fringe scene – and this year’s ‘FILTHY’ offering cements his status as one of Perth’s most exciting and innovative performers.

After a sold-out season at last year’s Fringe, this show is a hot ticket on this year’s program. Featuring a bevvy of top tier drag, circus and cabaret performers, it was clear from the opening number that the Friday night crowd was in for a raunchy treat.

Veronica Jean Jones was our effervescent host for the evening, and was the perfect palate cleanser between acts. She also put on quite the show herself during her burlesque number.

Fringe staple (and fiancé of Karl Kayoss) BarbieQ was phenomenal as always, performing a sultry number to start the show. Her hilarious reading of a pornographic book while dressed as a nun towards the end of the show was a clear highlight, and had the audience in fits of laughter.

Karl’s numbers were nothing short of electrifying. No matter what he’s wearing (or in this show, what he’s not wearing), he is an incredibly captivating performer who entrances the audience with simply a gaze. His second number, a sultry rendition of Kylie Minogue’s ‘Slow’ was nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Cougar Morrison was another delight to watch, performing a memorable cabaret-style number as she sashayed amongst the rowdy audience. Betty Bombshell also had the crowd roaring with applause with her sassy, fluorescent number, and is clearly one to watch on the country’s burlesque scene after her Miss Burlesque win.

The show’s acrobatic offerings were just as incredible. I caught Beau’s amazing hoop routine at The Kaye Hole last week, so I was thrilled to see him prance onto the Connections stage for his impressive floor routine. Ruby, the incredibly athletic pole dancer was the perfect closing act for this saucy show, and had the crowd in the palm of her hand for her entire routine.

As a huge fan of drag, FILTHY is the perfect show for anyone hoping to catch the cream of the crop of Perth’s local drag queens in an up-late extravaganza. It’s equal parts talent, sex, and filth – and really, what more could you want from a Fringe drag show?

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