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Review: Eddie Ifft at Adelaide Fringe

By Lia Cocks

As a mother of 3, with 2 jobs and 1 husband, I love a night off to have a good belly laugh. So while my huz looks after the kids, I take my dad to see Eddie Ifft Walking on Eggshells. I can hear some of you chortle right about now...I have a cool dad who is not easily shocked or offended, so he was the perfect date.

The US comedian has performed to sold out crowds around the world, hosts the successful Talkin’ Shit podcast and has released 3 DVDs, including one titled ‘I Love Pussy’, and 3 CDs with songs such as The Vagina Room and Freeze Enough Sperm, this guy is not afraid of a little over sharing [when I say a little, I mean a lot] or shock value.

Ifft lives up to his reputation as a boundary pusher, being politically incorrect at the same time as being super funny.

I found myself laughing at jokes and face palming at the same time. This is Eddie’s thing. Making ‘people laugh at the things they know they shouldn’t.’ And the entire room were doing just that tonight.

From a poor punter who needed to exit in order to use the mens room [granted, the show had JUST started], to stories of his four year old daughter’s brazen mouth and psychopathic tendencies, through to how his wife ‘tricked’ him into marriage [she has an ex-NFL mountain of a father who lives in the woods], all the way to the #metoo movement.

Yes, he included that too.

Everything you don’t want him to talk about - he does. But while I did squirm in my seat a bit [let’s face it, when you are sitting next to your dad and Ifft starts detailing that not withdrawing in sexual intercourse is deemed lazy, you’d be slightly uncomfortable too], I genuinely loved his set.

His take on kids and parenting, sex, America, his wife and marriage and his life in general are hilariously mocked, even his house being on fire is not out of bounds.

Yes, you’ll probably be offended. Will you gasp at how taboo topics are made humourous? Absolutely. You may snigger as he breaks through the wall of scandal to take aim of today's themes.

But you can’t argue that Eddie Ifft is an uproarious, quick witted and intelligent entertainer, that no matter how serious his topics are, he’ll always find a funny side to them.

And laugh you will - whether you want to or not.

Lia Cocks and Eddie Ifft

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