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Review: Drag Diva Spectacular: Nostalgia at Connections Nightclub

Reviewed by Tatum Stafford

The Drag Diva Spectacular team are a Perth Fringe favourite every year, and this year, their high-energy show ‘Nostalgia’ was filled with classic songs, fun dance numbers and plenty of entertainment value.

Hosted by the inimitable BarbieQ, the show started with a bang with a lively number to “Sparkling Diamond” from the musical Moulin Rouge, which will hit Perth later this month.

After Barbie had a quick chat with the audience to introduce the show, the troupe, and the show’s concept of ‘nostalgic songs full of sing-alongs and fond memories’, we were whisked through a setlist jam-packed with nostalgic hits from the 80s, 90s, 00s and more.

There was plenty to love, but some of my personal highlights included Veronica Jean Jones’ “Step Back In Time” featuring the amazing back-up dancer Hayden, Fay Rocious’ expressive rendition of “Part Of Your World” from The Little Mermaid, Ruby Jewels’ sassy Mariah number, and Alexas Armstrong’s electric “Hit Me Baby One More Time”.

The cast worked seamlessly with each other, and it’s clear they have an admirable repartee with one another on stage. This was particularly evident in the bigger group numbers, which had complicated choreo, plenty of sass, and moments for each cast member to shine.

We learnt late in the show that it actually has a ‘G’ rating, and there were many youngsters in the audience the night prior, which was really heartwarming to hear. Here in Perth, Fringe is such a fantastic time to immerse yourself in a wide variety of arts performances, so it’s fantastic that the Drag Diva team are opening the doors to people of all ages for a fun night of drag and frivolity.

This incredibly slick, fun, and energetic show is definitely worth the price of admission, and should be at the top of your Fringe list for next year. So much fun!

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