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Review: DIVAS - The Drag Revue: Fierce and Fabulous at Girls School

Reviewed by Tatum Stafford

Back and fiercer than ever, Dean Misdale and their troupe of first-class drag queens and performers are offering a glitzy show that is sure to impress a wide range of audiences this Fringe season.

The show has seen a major venue upgrade compared to last year’s intimate tent, and from the flashy opening number, it was clear the cast were set to fill the space. The sound system blared the music at a perfect volume, the lighting design was gorgeous to watch and there was even a bit of pyrotechnics to enjoy.

Dean is no stranger to Perth audiences, and in this jam-packed show they manage to provide plenty of killer vocals, stunning costumes and witty banter. Having seen the show last year, I was familiar with a few of the numbers, but was really pleased to see the return of Adele to Dean’s setlist, and enjoyed the refreshed banter and new stories – a recounting of a Grindr meet-up during lockdown was particularly hilarious. As always, Dean’s powerhouse vocals are absolutely incredible, and well worth the admission price.

Dean’s back-up divas are the phenomenal Fay Rocious and Sassie Cassie. Both are local drag legends, and each offer show-stealing moments of their own within the strong setlist. Fay’s now famous Dua Lipa medley was tons of fun, and Sassie’s “Show Me How You Burlesque” was an absolute joy to watch. Shout out to Sassie for their hilariously entertaining facials throughout the show – it was near impossible to tear your eyes away from them for more than a second or two.

One of the divas’ back-up dancers Flynn V was given a chance to shine in a rousing solo number, which was a hoot. Flynn has had a very busy Fringe season this year, and it’s always a treat to see them perform. The other dancer, Alexander Braghieri, is suitably fun, sassy, and hits every move with plenty of flair.

DIVAS has become a well-deserved staple within the Perth Fringe calendar, and this year’s offerings of fantastic and entertaining numbers proves why. Grab a ticket if you can – you won’t regret it.

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