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Review: Briefs: The Second Coming at Rechabite

Review By Sophia Gilet

Briefs: The Second Coming is an energetic, sexy, weird, funny, crass and joyful cabaret show. 

It brings together a collection of highly talented men  and presents a raunchy night out

Going 8 years strong at Perth Fringe this group knows what they are doing...and who their audience is - At glance around the room is 97% female. 

This show is in a brand new Fringe Perth Venue called the Rechabite, run by the founder of Perth fringe  a decade ago now, and If I didn't know better I would say the venue was created for this show. 

Walking into its three levels of seating  the feel is of an old style performance space. Once you are seated, scantily clad men walk around collecting money for raffle tickets to a Grand prize that would be drawn part way through the show- Hint: it’s a very special prize. Red velvet curtains some 20 feet long hung at the back of the stage creating an image of opulence even as Nicki Minajs’ Munny played in the Background. I kept looking up expecting to see lords and ladies ready for a night out at the theatre, instead when I looked it was a lot of Perthites down to have wicked fun and watch a show MC’d by a Drag Queen from Ipswich who taught the audience about diversity and celebration of difference and how to treat those less fortunate and jealous of you.

This was all before stunning the crowd with an opening number that took our breath away - but not for too long judging by the screaming that went on. 

In any Burlesque show Audience are encouraged to show their appreciation and the audience showed a lot of appreciation!! Each man took the stage and owned it , connecting with the audience and clearly exciting them.

Innovative use of blacklight and water were just some of the extravagance we were treated to.

Fire, Silks, Tumbling, Interpretive dance and Banana peeling were all part of this smorgasboard of a cabaret. 

The acrobatics displayed incredible skill and strength as they climbed and swung themselves around an impossibly high ceiling.

The crowd was in the hands of mastery all night long. Special mention to the cast and crew who managed complicated set change seamlessly and smoothly and to the lighting crew who always knew where to direct our attention. The show used entrances and exits very cleverly to ensure consistency and flow was well achieved. Often one act started just as the last act was finishing ensuring that there was never a dull moment! The show did thankfully allow a few moments for us to catch our breath. 

The performers worked together perfectly and best of all, you could see they all had enormous fun on stage. 

Briefs is a must see show! The show is a dazzling display of skill, that stuns and amazes. The entire night was filled with screaming and laughter.

A night you will never forget, do yourself a favour and catch these talented men as the display themselves and leave you wanting more.

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