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Review: Briefs: Dirty Laundry at the Pleasure Garden

Review by Emily Smith

FRINGE favourites Briefs Factory are back with a raunchy show that will knock your socks off, and most of the boys’ clothes along with them.

MC Kevin is the delf-described dysfunctional stage-mum, resplendent in many different outfits of silver fringe, black corsets, and a red chiffon cape, and he’s always ready with a quip and a dazzling smile. He’s glamorous, sassy, and not afraid to goof around, setting the tone for the show straight off with a joke about the wind machine blowing his eyelashes off.

The acknowledgement of country, led by Kevin, was one of the most touching I’ve seen, creating a sense of connection between all of us from the get-go. Talking faster than an acrobat spins he was the perfect hype-girl, whipping the audience into a frenzy for each act and sprinkling personal jokes and jibes at the audience all over the place.

Not that the acts needed much hyping: the opening dance number in silk dressing gowns was enough to have us stamping our feet and cheering, and it only got better from there.

When I say that Louis Biggs’ juggling act was probably my favourite I want to preface by saying I’ve always been impressed by jugglers, and the fact that he managed to pull off the funniest and sexiest strip tease was a bonus. The things he can do with those balls will blow your mind!

Another highlight was Thomas Worrall on the aerial hoop, not too much flash or glamour, just a phenomenal display of strength and agility. My date and I are still marvelling at how he managed to spin faster than our eyes could keep up.

Of course it wouldn’t be a variety show without some audience participation, and, while I don’t want to give any spoilers away, I don’t think I’ve seen a raffle with as tantalising a prize as this before. Also, “contemporary dancers who identify as strippers” is my new favourite description.

Of course, the drag is what we’ve really come to see, and it doesn’t disappoint. Three dazzling queens had us in stitches as they stumbled around Captain Kidd’s flaming hula hoop, pushing each other over and twittering to the audience in fluorescent fishnet dresses and killer heels. Dallas Dellaforce then took our breath away with a gymnast routine complete with full flips, and not a hair of her wig was out of place. Bravo Dallas!

The show closes this Sunday the 19th so get in quick for your fill of irreverent glamour and more than a few cheeky flashes.

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