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Review: Beverly Kills: Heaven & Hell at The Gold Digger

Review by Tatum Stafford

Whip-smart, hilarious, and mega talented – it was such a treat to catch Beverly Kills in her one-woman show at The Gold Digger on its opening night. 

The premise of this show was super fun; Beverly has died, and it’s up to G.O.D. to decide her fate. Will she end up in heaven, in purgatory, or in the fiery pits of hell?

From the get-go, Beverly came out with tons of energy, a stunning outfit, and hilarious jokes on the mic. The crowd definitely matched her energy and were along for the ride. The pacing of the show was perfect, and gave us plenty of insight into Beverly, from her school years in Queensland to her early years as a drag queen at dreaded hens parties. 

There was plenty of variety throughout the hour; from hilarious moments of audience participation (without spoilers, some creative clay modelling provided plenty of entertainment), to showcasing her phenomenal lip-syncing ability and talents with fire and whips. It was truly thrilling to see her performing with such charisma and energy in this intimate venue. 

Her outfits went from strength to strength, ending in a show-stopping yellow latex dress with a cheeky secret that I won’t give away here. If you get the chance to catch Bev in a future Fringe show, or drag spot, don’t miss the opportunity – she’s an absolutely amazing performer. Kudos to her for such a captivating solo debut show, can’t wait to see the next one hopefully very soon!

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