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Review: Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett at Sydney Spiegeltent

Review by Anja Bless 

Are you dreaming of an escape? To leave your everyday life behind and enter a world of wonder and excitement? Or just looking for a raucous night out where you can be entertained and delighted? If so, look no further than Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett. The much-celebrated cabaret spectacular that has just returned to Sydney. 

Drawing inspiration from the clubs of Europe and including some of the world’s best circus talent, Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett is a show that knows what it’s doing and how to do it. From the ushers who guide you to your seats, to the perfect setting of the Sydney Spiegeltent, this cabaret has the ideal balance of grunge, latex and professionalism to make for a fantastic night of entertainment. Led by Bernie Dieter’s quick wittedness and stellar vocals, this cabaret is entertaining from start to finish. Expertly curated to take the audience through highs and lows, with a few shocks and skits along the way that would have grandmothers averting their eyes. This inclusive performance bends the gender norms of traditional circus, with sensual and expressive aerial acts performed by gorgeous, scantily clad, men, and daring feats of fire twirling (and eating!) taken on by fierce women. 

This inclusivity sets Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett apart, catering to all tastes and sensibilities, whilst still evoking the fun and sex appeal one would expect from a cabaret performance. As an audience member, you can certainly expect to be engaged. Whether dodging looks from Bernie as she scans the audience for her next gag or throwing your hand up to receive a flag labelled “Freak”, “Punk”, or “Weirdo”. The circus performances and acrobatics are phenomenal, with jaw-dropping feats drawing squeals of terror and delight from audience members, and each act followed by enthusiastic applause. The accompanying band and performances by Bernie herself help give a raw edge that only live music can provide. The band doesn’t miss a beat all night, and even treat the audience to a few tricks of their own. 

The only (tiny) fault was that Bernie’s microphone was a little soft, meaning the audience missed some of her best quips. Otherwise, this is a performance that is so well-polished that the magic isn’t lost for one minute. In spite of all that can go wrong in a show full of acrobatics and stunts, the cast and crew are such masters of their craft to make it feel fun, risky, and effortless all at once. 

For an evening of joy, hilarity, and sheer mayhem, Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett is not one to be missed. 

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