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Blog: The Holiday Season...on Stage!

Looking for shows that really know how to get you into the holiday spirit?

Here are some of the best musicals that we know of that feature holiday spirit seasons. Full disclosure...this list is predominately made up of Christmas scenes. This is simply because of the shows that we found - if anyone knows of festivals from other religions that are well featured in a musical, PLEASE get in touch! We would love to add them to our list!

In the meantime though, fair warning, this blog will get you in the holiday spirit!

Holiday Inn

Surely you know by now that this is totally my favourite show for the Holiday season.

Normally I like to share the jump rope/skipping rope dance but today is all about the holidays and there are few more iconic Christmas songs from pop culture than this!


This is one of the cutest songs from the musical and is just the reminder that we all need this Christmas. There really is nothing better than spending the holidays with those important to you!

Rules for Living

A play by British playwright, Sam Holcroft, this one is all about the family games of the Holidays.

Photo Credit: Sydney Theatre Company

Black is the New White

A play by Australian multitalented playwright, writer, commentator and actor Nakkiah Lui, Black is the New White is a laugh out loud comedy about family dynamics, multi-racial couples and tradition. It's a great one to learn more about this Christmas!

Photo Credit: Sydney Theatre Company

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Maybe one for more of the anti-Christmas lovers amongst us! However you feel about Christmas, this is a super fun show, especially for kids! It's also a great movie if you want to share it with your family for the first time this Holiday season. Have a look at our Christmas movie blog for more film ideas!

A Christmas Story

Such a great show for the kids to watch too, A Christmas story the musical and the film are both available to watch on youtube this holiday season!


This video will give you a taste of this super fun musical and then my recommendation, find where you can watch it! (Region depending) You're bound to have a great time!


Not your happy go lucky Christmas musical BUT, let's be honest, one of the best musicals ever made...and set on Christmas Eve! So, if you're feeling like watching something Holiday related but not up for a rom-com this Christmas, give Rent (movie or musical) some time!

She Loves Me

Such a beautiful musical - would recommend jumping onto Spotify and listening to the whole show but until then, here is one of the songs from a production of the show (recent Broadway revival) that I WISH I had gotten to see.

Meet Me in the St Louis

Normally I try to share the stage version of all shows that we recommend...but this is Judy Garland and overlooking her version just seems like blasmophy so, here you go...

The Long Christmas Dinner

A play by American playwright Thornton Wilder, this one act play was written in the 1930s and has been performed around the world since.

Christmas Day

A play by Australian playwright Claire Haywood, this Christmas play is a dark comedy that is "laced with the pain of estranged family relationships. It brings to the stage outrageous, flawed but loveable characters who push each other to the limits." - Australian Plays

A Dickens Christmas

Australian playwright Barry Dickens has reinterpreted Charles Disckens' classic 'A Christmas Carol' and set it in Melbourne, Australia in the mid 1950s...I'm certainly interested to know more...are you?

Merry Christmas Bitches

Thought we would wrap up this list with one more Australian play, this one my playwright Samantha Hill which centres around the one cardinal rule of the Holidays....'you don't start shit at Christmas!'

We would love to hear more suggestions from you! Let us know what other shows get you thinking about the holidays!


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