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Blog: Christmas Movies for Theatre Lovers

As massive Christmas film lovers, we sat down to have a think about those that would be best for theatre lovers to help you build your holiday film binge list.

Below you will find just some of the great Christmas and Holiday season films available on each of the streaming platforms...Aussies, for some of these you will need a VPN to watch US content, but for these flicks, it's worth it!

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Why? Because it stars Kristin Chenoweth ❤️❤️❤️

Why? Jingle Bell Rock...a classic movie musical routine!! Also, the closest we can get to the fantastic Mean Girls Musical this Christmas so we are going to take it...for now - Can't wait to see the show back on Broadway!!

Why? If you saw Gigi the musical (yeah, or High School Musical, I get it!), you'll know the star of this movie, Vanessa Hudgens


Why? Because more Kristin Chenoweth!


Why? 2020 new release Christmas film that looks adorable and has music...But more than anything, stars Tony Winner, Anika Noni Rose which has me next level excited!


Why? This movie stars Laura Bell Bundy - hands up if you miss seeing her on stage as much as I do!

Why? Honestly, this one doesn't really have anything to do with Christmas BUT in case you need a little Christmas present to is some LMM for your holiday season



I know I've shared this before in a previous blog but I'm so obsessed with this dance...worth the watch for sure!

Why? An absolutely stunning ballet that really sets the holiday scene each year. This is the Royal Ballet's production

Why? A play about the holiday season...sounds good to me!


Why? Stars Nia Vardalos who as well as being the writer of some great movies (including one of the best ever, My Big Fat Greek Wedding), is also the playwright and off-broadway actor of Tiny Beautiful Things.

Why? Sounds musical and sounds fun! Haven't seen it yet but looking forward to watching it!

Why? It's one of the most classic movie musicals for the Holidays!


Why? Classic musical with a great Christmas scene. Also...Audra McDonald, I know, I don't need to say any more =)

Why? Because it's a musical...need I say more?

Why? The music! Who is excited for Frozen to come to Australia, or in the US, to tour!! This gal!

Let us know of any other theatre lover holiday films you find...we love them!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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Tyler Scott
Tyler Scott
Apr 27, 2023

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