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Blog: 10 Signs You're a Theatre Kid

There really are no people like show people....but we think that they're really the best kind anyway! How many of these do you relate to?

1. The catchiest songs you can think of are vocal warm ups.


Good luck getting it out of your head today =)

2. The only rap you know is from Hamilton.

and it DEFINITELY comes out at almost every party!

3. Your workout music is all Broadway show tunes.

Is there anything better to jump on a treadmill to than "You Can't Stop the Beat"?

4. You tend to project at inappropriate times.

5. You randomly belt out show tunes all the time.

Does anyone else turn like every word from every conversation into a song like a masterful game of Broadway word association?!

6. You collect Playbills from all the Broadway shows you've been to.

Sorry, but this one is normal...of course I keep them all!

I would go so far as to say it is rude NOT to keep the playbill...let's face it, we all dream of seeing our names in one of these one day!

7. You can turn any conversation into a musical reference.

Who would miss an opportunity to talk about musicals? much do you want to be in this car?

8. You see every job interview as an audition.

God I hope I get it!

9. When someone says Macbeth you shudder.

 it bad luck to say it in a blog?!

10. When anyone says good luck to you you're quick to correct them.

Ahhh....tears. Nothing to say here except how much I love Moira and if you haven't watched Schitt's Creek, you really need to.

Did we miss any theatre kid-isms?

Let us know in the comments below!


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