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Review: Triple Threat at PIP Theatre

Review by Yasmin Elahi

PIP Theatre presented Laura Fois’ original cabaret show ‘Triple Threat’ as part of its Toucan Club ’23. The scripted one hour cabaret centres around three singers from different nationalities who find themselves on a stage together. By learning about each other they find similarities in their differences. All this was set to a playlist of songs from a variety of genres and eras; spanning jazz, classical, pop and musical theatre.

PIP Theatre served as the perfect venue for this intimate show. Tables and chairs were set up for audience members which further reinforced the cabaret vibe of the evening.

Direction by Aurelie Roque was organic and her blocking complemented the humor of the script. Stillness and movement were balanced and the performers utilised the entire stage well.

Choreography by SJ Aistrope was humorous, dynamic and upbeat, adding further interest to Roque’s blocking.

Lighting design was colourful and matched the mood of the songs. The use of mirror balls brought a special yet retro feel to the evening. Sound design was well balanced and clear, with neither the piano nor singers overpowering one another.

Laura Fois was the show’s protagonist. She led the evening and compelled the action through dialogue, acting and song. Her confidence and pizzaz onstage fitted her dialogue and interactions with her fellow stars.

Renee Kwok embodied her character well. Her performance of ‘My Strongest Suit’ from Aida was perhaps the best of the evening. Vocally, Kwok excelled in this show.

Ro van Rensburg played the somewhat reluctant star convincingly. Her transformation throughout the evening was heartwarming and her soulful ballad towards the end of the show was delivered with stillness, candour and sincerity. A moment of gravitas in the otherwise comedic cabaret.

Overall, ‘Triple Threat’ brought together three performers from different backgrounds, nationality and cultures onstage to perform together, work out their differences and prove that strangers are friends you haven’t met yet.

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