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Review: The Subtle Art of Online Dating at The Butterfly Club

By Natalie Hamman

In an incredibly technology driven age, The Subtle Art of Online Dating is a candid reflection of the daily difficulties singles face when searching for a potential match. Whether you’re looking for a one-night stand of a lifelong partner, lets face it, finding the right match can be about as easy as firing an arrow through a hoop 2 miles away while blindfolded, tied up, and suspended upside-down by your ankles.

Dating apps were designed to make the process easier, but usually only result in an inbox full of bad pickup lines and unsavoury photos. And with over 1,500 dating apps on the market, how do you choose what’s right for you?

And even when you do match; how do you navigate through bad dates, mediocre sex, ghosting, and everything else that comes with dating in this day and age?

That’s where Katie O’Connor comes in. Katie is a dating expert and is here to guide you through the complicated world on online dating. Think of her as your personal wing-woman. And with the help of the fearless, daring and fabulous cast of romantic hopefuls (Nerida Hannah, Maddie Roberts, Bonnie Ryan-Rowe) she’ll guide you through the train-wreck called love.

The Subtle Art of Online Dating represents all types of women and each member or the cast brings their own personality to the show and represents all types of lifestyles. Regardless of whether you’re the girl who spends her Friday nights eating chocolate in bed with a bad romance novel, or the girl who spends her night out partying until the break of dawn, if you’ve ever downloaded a dating app "for fun" or you’re a dating app veteran - this show is for you.

The Subtle Art of Online Dating features dozens of comedic skits that touch on; dating apps, ghosting, sex, rejection, pick-up lines, self-worth, bad dates, self-love (in the literal sense), and chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

The Subtle Art of Online Dating is outrageously funny and shockingly good. But don’t get too comfortable in your seats, you might just be called upon to assist in a demonstration or two. The cast of The Subtle Art of Online Dating will often be found roaming the aisle and if you’re lucky, they might pop over to you and your date for a quick chat. Be warned bringing along your dates, ladies and gentlemen; as they might just get stolen.

Written by Katie O’Connor and directed by Kate Tomkins, The Subtle Art of Online Dating is an exceptional piece of art and a compelling commentary on the brutal reality of online dating. It is a piece of pure comedic genius and will leave you wanting more.

At the end of the night you’ll get a very candid insight into Katie’s personal journey in the form of a ‘Letter to (her) past self.’ Katie’s tale is relatable and inspiring and ends the night with the perfect touch of reflection.

Please note that due to the mature themes, The Subtle Art of Online Dating is an adult only event and no minors may enter the venue unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

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