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Review: The Bride at The Kaos Room at The Blue Room Theatre

Review By Sophia Gilet

The Bride follows a Bride as she prepares for her wedding day. We see her getting a beautiful dress that fits, choosing the best cake, going on a dildo filled, alcohol fueled Hens night, waxing for the big day. In other words all the normal activities you would expect from a story about a bride in this day and age. This show has a kafka-esque twist that will have you giggling, laughing and squirming in your seats until you embrace the weirdness.

Nadia Collins is the creator of this wonderful one woman show and she has done several fringes before- it shows in the tight show, fantastic audience participation and easy to to follow format.

Every moment is entertaining. Nadia plays the frazzled bride just as well as the worried groom and the gruff exterminator who meet as we enter the Blue room theatre, this particular space is on the ground floor and is cosy, the room was packed with couples and older people.

As the audience was filing in and taking their seat the show starts and an exterminator is spraying for cockroaches, he apologises profusely and blames the head office, before apologising again. A very short while later as he sprays he gets stuck into the grossness of Cockroaches which anyone can agree with, and goes into detail about how cockroaches copulate before apologising spraying some more. The lights go down and he then starts waiting with the audience.

We hear a voice over very similar to the Princess bride and he walks off thoroughly unimpressed. and we are off- Introduced to the slightly frantic bride.

Despite being a one woman show there are some fantastic costumes for her other performer- willing audience member pulled from the crowd, with a tipsy trio reenacting a wild night out as she goes through her hens night, The best man has an impressive suit and the audience becomes a mob and rave at different points throughout the show.

The set starts off romantic and soft with billowy drapes and as the show progresses becomes more wild and filthy as the character goes on a similar psychological journey.

The audience participation in this show is definitely one of my favourite parts of this show, it is off the hook. Everyone gets involved- at the prompting of the narrator and it is a load of fun, whether you are watching someone read their death speech or being force fed cake. Go along and be prepared to have a lot of fun.

This show is captivating and funny it had every person's complete attention the whole show, it is weird, wacky and Nadia Collins excels at making you laugh at the oddest things. You are sure to laugh as the humour gets a little close to home and you see your nearest and dearest in this messed up comedy performance. This show has everything you could possible want from a fringe show, It is a good night out and it is memorable.

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