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Review: Temporary at the Butterfly Club

By Maree Paliouras

After performances in Sydney, Temporary, currently playing at the Butterfly Club for Melbourne Fringe Festival, is a one-woman show written and performed by Katie Lees. It depicts the life of Amy, a receptionist, who faces the daily struggles of working in a dead-end job. From unrealistic expectations, dealing with stuck-up coworkers, to how she begins to question if it is all truly worth it- Temporary captures it all within one hilarious hour.

The show itself is phenomenal. A truly well-written piece which works in all the right places. It takes something as boring as a 9-5 job and turns it into an incredible performance of the perfect blend comedy and actual inspiration. It accurately depicts a longing for something else and it’s heartfelt ending leaves the viewer hopeful and content.

As a comedy, the show excels in terms of jokes and amusement. The scenarios that the main character, Amy, finds herself in are absolutely hilarious and, in combination with the actress’s portrayal of her office co-workers and brilliant use of props, lighting, and sound, brilliantly thought out. Her jokes are laugh out loud funny and are only enhanced with a near flawless delivery.

Temporary also incorporates a number of issues prevalent in today’s society and the frustration that others ignorance can cause, portraying the true struggles of wanting to help but not being in the exact place where making a huge difference is possible.

As per any one-person show, a beyond strong acting ability is required from the star. Temporary actress, Katie Lees, delivers this to a breathtaking degree. Her expression and tone are beyond amazing, with brilliantly executed facial expressions and gestures. She uses a variety of different techniques and showcases an array of mind-blowing skills. The most impressive aspect is without a doubt her characterization; she successfully portrays a likeable main character who is easy to empathise with while also portraying the characters of all other office workers, distinguishing between them in an impressive manner. Katie Lees is without a doubt an incredibly talented actress, her skill-set is wide and completely blew me away.

The use of props enhances the already phenomenal performance. Centering around a desk and a hilarious excuse for a chair, set and props are used minimally and work perfectly. They also aid the comedic aspect to the performance. While the actual stage itself is only small, Lees uses the space given to its full potential, occasionally venturing into the audience and using light, and movement to show setting.

Sound is used in a similar manner, the perfect amount of it used at the perfect times. It is used to set the scene or enhance certain sayings. Whether it be to show the passing time or represent the arrival of another character, the effect is brilliant and hysterical.

Overall, the show depicts the things we do to make a living and accurately expresses the trials and tribulations of working a dead-end job through superb acting and a variety of techniques. Playing at The Butterfly Club through to September 22nd, it is a show that deserves a wide audience and every ounce of praise.

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