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Review: Somebody to Love at Connections Nightclub

Reviewed by Tatum Stafford

Fun, flirty and full of personality, musical theatre performer Tory Kendrick’s cabaret ‘Somebody to Love’ is an unmistakeable hit that guarantees a laugh-filled night out.

The premise of the show (which is very cleverly foreshadowed in top-notch social media marketing by Adam Perryman) is a simple one: it’s hard to date these days. In Tory’s words, “Finding somebody to love is a lot like going through the five stages of grief, over and over again.”

This ultra-relatable concept has plenty of pay-off as Tory breezes through a songlist filled with iconic showtunes and some lesser-known gems; a charming balance which offers something for everyone.

Tory’s voice is absolutely gorgeous, and her set list gives her plenty of opportunity to shine. Be it belting the showstopping “No Good Deed” from Wicked, battling some heavier material in “Two Little Lines” written by Drew Gasparini (cleverly adapted to incorporate a COVID testing reference), or stripping it back in “Taught By Experts”, a number from A Boy From Oz which she previously appeared in at Perth’s Crown Theatre, the range we are treated to in this 90-minute cabaret ticks all the right boxes.

Special mention must also go to two numbers from the TV show Smash, “Broadway Here I Come” and “Never Met a Wolf”, which are perfect showcases of Tory’s personality and soaring vocals, and “I Just Might”, which she said served as her love letter to the audience, and was a gorgeous way to close out the evening.

Tory was supported by Jackson Harper Griggs on piano and Alex Barker on drums. Both provided phenomenal support, and I particularly enjoyed the casual moments Tory shared with them in-between numbers.

There’s so much to love about this fun-filled cabaret, and I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that there will be future iterations (or perhaps, cabarets with completely new concepts) performed by Tory in the future.

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