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Review: Smash It! at the Fairfax Studio, Arts Centre Melbourne - MICF

Review by Wendy Samantha

There’s no better place to be in the school holidays, than in an entertainment filled CBD which is home to thousands of performers and currently hosting the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.  Stretching right across the next three weeks, there are shows galore and some for all!

One of the most exciting family friendly performances is Smash It! brought to you by the talented troupe at Circus Oz, including Angelique Ross, Celso March, Debra Batton, Leo Pentland, Mozes Heawood, Sharon Gruenert and Spenser Inwood.  Directed by David Woods, with assistant Nicci Wilks, this show is non-stop thrills and giggles.  

We commence with balls flying in all directions, ducks quacking, rollerskates ablaze and friendly performers welcoming the audience.  The band kicks in full swing under the fairylights and the fabulous tightrope artist commences the performance.  She makes it look easy with phenomenal footwork afloat the single string she stands on, and amazingly does the splits! The duck soon joins in for a double act, followed by a tumbling trio that hang from the ceiling.  There’s fun and games with hats and then suddenly a bluelight spots the talent spinning upside down in the air.  He drops to the floor, catching himself only with one leg and the crowd gasps in admiration.  This is just the start of the show!

With more fun and games to follow, we are then presented with various human statues, spurting water, flips in every which way, rotating bodies and balancing chairs on the most terrific rope swing that’s ever existed.  The troupe jump through 2 hoops, 3 hoops, make magic with newspaper tricks and fly out of a dumpster bin.  They all work wonderfully as a team, and the individual acts truly shine.  The way they all are able to control and move their bodies is mind blowing. There’s sliding and slipping, flying and falling and supreme skill in absolutely every routine. The trapeze artist excites all with her assistant helping adjust the death defying height in which she performs as the lead in to the grand finale.

So as not to give it all away, let’s just say as you reach the ending there’s lots of lots of air time and swinging and brilliance.  It’s just all super fabulous.  Special mention to the musicians Carl Polke, Chris Lewis and Sophie Dunn whose music keeps the momentum and marvelous movement.

Join in the wackiness and enjoy the amazing energy that Smash It! offers for a family fun filled unhinged hour of circus hilarity and absolute awe. 

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