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Review: See You Next Tuesday at The Blue Room

By Tatum Stafford

Bold, brassy and unabashedly unhinged – the three protagonists of ‘See You Next Tuesday’

at The Blue Room are sparking up the Perth theatre scene. This cheeky, nostalgic show is

lightning-quick, witty and packs a real punch.

Before I divulge my thoughts on this provocative piece, it should be made clear that this is

not a show for the conservatively-minded. Much like many shows performed at The Blue

Room, ‘See You Next Tuesday’ tackles some pretty controversial topics in a very nonchalant

manner – and as such, is sure to ignite some interesting conversation amongst its audiences.

The play offers a glimpse into the inner workings of a 17 year old girl named Evie, who is

filled with teenage conflicts of an emotional, intellectual, and namely, sexual nature. As her

story progresses, it becomes obvious to the audience that boys seem to dictate Evie’s

schedule, and that her family, sadly, is far from her highest priority in life.

Evie is portrayed with confidence by three young actresses: Caitlin McFeat, Tess Metcalf and

Ramiah Alcantara. The girls are forces to be reckoned with in this textually intricate piece,

mastering their personas’ consistently overlapping dialogue with ease. The trio are

completely comfortable and present within the space, and manage to navigate through the

play’s vulnerable and sentimental moments with extreme proficiency.

The show boasts a female producing team; with writer and producer Samantha Nerida and

director Alexa Taylor at the helm. It is clearly evident that a piece that is so contingent on

the female psyche could only be presented by the minds of powerful women in theatre, so I

was thrilled to read their names on the program on opening night.

The venue is extremely well-suited for the intimate subject matter and vibe of the piece,

and effective lighting, prop and costume (change) choices are excellent examples of how

cohesive this show’s team have been able to work on this show.

As McFeat, Metcalf and Alcantara are all playing the same character Evie, it is their

collaboration and teamwork that really shines through as the heart of the performance.

Their consistency should be rewarded, as it provides a brilliant through-line for what could

otherwise be a jarring or disjointed piece.

‘See You Next Tuesday’ is pitched in the program as “girl-talk on a whole new level”, and I

think this sums up this edgy work absolutely perfectly. It’s a testament and an excellent

representation of some of Perth’s brightest theatrical minds, and it runs at The Blue Room

until the 6 th of July, so run, don’t walk to catch it!

Photo Credit: Floyd Perrin

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