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Review: Sean and Daro Flake It ‘Til They Make It at the Traverse Theatre – Ed Fringe

Review by Tatum Stafford

I was lucky to catch this wholesome play at a 10am matinee, and was very glad I did. ‘Sean and Daro’ is a beautiful story of friendship, giving things a go, and ice cream.

The story starts at Sean’s mum’s funeral, where Daro reappears with a quirky idea – that the pair should invest in an ice cream van that’ll definitely make them rich and happier. Over the next hour or so, we follow their adventures in the van, which include marketing to clubbing crowds, pitching up at football field car parks and eventually, coming full circle and selling ice cream at a very peculiar place (no spoilers here!).

Sean Connor and Cameron Fulton are both very charismatic and talented actors in their own right, and are absolutely magic together in this show. Complete with very thick Scottish accents and language (which I’ll admit, took this Australian a few minutes to catch up with), these characters are totally likeable and have such amazing chemistry with each other, that make the show fly by and a real joy to watch.

The actors handled the more emotional scenes and moments of conflict with grace and strength, in ways that made us really invested in these two friends and the future of their friendship.

I was very impressed with the set design by Karen Tennent, which including a full-size ice cream truck with a few tricks up its sleeve, lovely twinkly lights above, and a large playing space with artificial grass and plenty of moveable props that were used well throughout the story. Renny Robertson’s lighting works wonderfully with the set and creates a really nice atmosphere throughout.

The show was written by Laurie Motherwell, and it was such a joyful show with something all audiences can relate to. Above all, it’s a tale of friendship and sticking together, and the dialogue was so punchy, witty and real. Bravo for some fantastic writing, and kudos also to director Robert Softley Gale for crafting a really engaging show to watch and absorb.

This is a must-see in the Traverse’s Fringe season this year, and it’s running until Sunday 20 August – don’t miss out on tickets; it may well be one of the most enjoyable hours you’ll catch at Fringe this year.

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