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Review: Ruby Teys - Dog C*NT at the Factory Theatre

Review By Louisa Polson

The life of Ruby Teys is anything but bland and her new comedy, boldly titled, ‘Dog C*nt’ will really show up how mundane your own life is in comparison.

‘Dog C*nt’, is a standout show of Sydney Comedy Festival, with complete originality this piece does not contain any overlapping material or bits that you’ve heard before. Instead, what you will hear is the honest to God true story of how a very popular psychic medium led Teys to realise that her selfless habit of caring for rescue dogs had come to bite her back.

Teys has created such a fun act, where every element has been meticulously pieced together to create a fully conceptualised show. The narrative is bursting with surprises, be it a dance break, a costume change, a quick quip, or a jaw dropping revelation. The audience is constantly flipping between laughing and gagging.

Teys performs a version of comedy that is high energy and theatrically camp in the best way with her original brand of humour. While also holding space for the Australian Middle class, indulgently referencing the major cultural phenomenon of the Shapelle Corby case.

This show steps on the typical structure of a stand-up show, where the audience gets so much more than a few giggles. Teys is a breath of fresh air in the Australian comedy scene, demonstrating that there is an appetite for bold, unique, and bedazzled humour and audiences are eating it up.

There is such great energy in the room, not only from Tey’s performance, but from the audience who are having so much fun – it’s electric. 

‘Dog C*nt’ gets five out of five for being almost unbelievable but totally shockingly honestly true. 

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