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Review: People Suck at TheatreWorks

By Sam Barson

People Suck. The title tells you everything you need to know as well as everything you already know. 

People. Suck. 

Salty Theatre have curated a delightfully acerbic and therapeutic collection of showtunes that explore all the different ways that people suck. And it’s wonderful. 

Writers Megan Phillips and Peter Cavell have been both clever and ruthless (the perfect combination when dealing with satire) in diving into the deepest and most terrifying aspects of human society. Nothing and nobody is left untouched, from your wife/husband to the stranger you sit next to on the train. All the judgmental and damning thoughts we all hold in our heads are let free through the writing of Phillips and Cavell, and it’s so damn relieving. 

Belinda Jenkins, Tim Lancaster, Georgie Potter, Ashley Taylor and Ashley Weider are the cast that bring this social criticism to the stage. They’re charming, committed, tireless and the seamless-ness at which they move from character to character and moment to moment is a joy to watch. This is also a huge testament to the work of director Sarahlouise Younger who has been able to sew together Phillips and Cavell’s writing so sharply and efficiently. 

Sarahlouise also contributed to the show’s effortless transitions with her lighting design (credited alongside Jacinta Anderson and cast member Taylor). Whilst it doesn’t matter as much what the design does for the setting of each new scene, it is able to achieve a feeling for the audience that each new scene entered into is entirely different to the one beforehand. An especially difficult cast considering how many songs there are in sometimes repetitive sceneries or settings. 

If you’re fed up with people or just feel the need to share the night with people who share your pains, spend the night with the cast of People Suck. You’ll be able to make fun of all the people you hate (as well as yourself!) all the while indulging in some catchy show tunes and memorable characters. 

People Suck is playing at Theatre Works from 20-30th of November. Tickets can be purchased online ( or by calling the box office on 03 9354 3388. 

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