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Review: Pappou at Bard’s Apothecary - MICF

Review by Jessica Flynn

Anthony Locascio, fresh from the Adelaide Comedy Festival, brings his latest show 'Pappou' to the Melbourne Comedy Festival, a heartfelt tale of his grandfather's life of perseverance and evolving dreams, reflecting on his own journey and parallels with Pappou. Through witty anecdotes, Anthony navigates modern masculinity while honoring his Greek and Italian heritage, drawing knowing smiles from those who share his background.

Anthony’s set started very strong. I laughed hard at his jokes about learning how to live with his fiancée and kitten (alike in their shedding habits) and begun setting the scene of his relationship with his Pappou and his heritage. He clearly deeply admires his Pappou, and this admiration shines throughout his set. There were some big wins for football fans throughout the show as Anthony spoke highly of his Pappou’s football career but also the sacrifices he had made in his dream to care for his family.

Anthony has a particular knack for creating a warm atmosphere that lended itself well to the location. Bard’s Apothecary is one of my favorite comedy show venues. It is intimate and creates an easy bond within the audience and the artist. Anthony, in particular, facilitated this well by meeting people before the show, remembering their names, and bringing them into the fold at the right times. He was excellent with crowd work and dealing with disruptions and hecklers (who actually added some funny quips to the set). His off-the-cuff work was just as funny as his prepared material, always humorous, never mean, which is an impressive feat.

Towards the second half of the set, Anthony enjoyed pushing the boundaries of social norms and social commentary. Most of the time, this was done respectfully, but I think there was more Anthony could have done to spell out nuance and adapt to the audience’s reactions in real-time. Nonetheless, his likability shines through, weaving a narrative that prompts reflection on societal norms and the journey toward a more inclusive world.

In summary, Anthony delivers a captivating performance that intertwines humor with introspection. Don't miss him at the Melbourne Festival, and be sure to catch him at his upcoming shows in Sydney, Perth, or Brisbane for an evening of laughter and contemplation.

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