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Review: Michael Hing Long Live The Hing at The Comedy Store

Review by Cynthia Ning

The Sydney Comedy Festival 2023 has come to town, and I was thrilled to be getting my giggle on. This was my first time going to a live stand-up comedy show and Michael Hing did not disappoint.

An epic proposal story a few years in the making, with a mind-blowing secret and special cameo appearance from his better half, I knew that we were in for a treat.

The stage was traditionally set with a stand, microphone and red curtains as the backdrop to feature the solo act. The audience members huddled into free seats that were not the front row, lest they be singled out and poked fun of which Michael promised not to do. I could hear an audible sigh of relief.

Private moments in the bedroom and exposing some naughty details such as his newfound kink stemming from a mouth guard due to anxiety was both strange yet relatable which he completely acknowledged and ran with it.

I was cry laughing at the genuine full (censored) nude body shots for a gig because he needed the cash and let’s face it, we all have a price. We just found out that Michael Hing’s was a steal at just under $2000.00.

His awkward rambling and muttering emphasised the bizarre scenarios he faced and because it was all from his point of view, we were walked through his thought process, and it all made perfect sense. Whereas if you were his girlfriend, it made no sense at all which was even more hilarious as he continued to delve into the details of his elaborate plan. And to his credit, somehow always worked out in his favour even though it went terribly wrong.

Michael has a wonderful reach as a comedian to a broad Australian audience. He understands the silliness of life and was beaming, showing genuine joy in making people laugh. A good mix-up with visual and video accompaniment gave layers and clarification to the wild moments he vividly describes to us, reiterating that his girlfriend is real and not a paid actor.

Michael understood the assignment and delivered in spades, looking back and laughing at the hard times is a gift and it was an absolute pleasure to belly laugh amongst his fans.

From his crippling anxiety with the weight on his shoulders to being on top of the world, this show is a banger that will be enjoyed by all. Make sure to see Michael Hing live wherever you can.

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