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Review: LUCY HENDERSON - COMEDY CLUEDO WIP at The Factory Theatre - Sydney Fringe

Review by Natalie Low

Lucy Henderson has been murdered!!! And it’s up to the audience to solve who, what, and where did it. Yes, just like in Cluedo. Inspired by the classic board game, Lucy Henderson brings a hilarious comedy show about her life story while weaving it through an interactive game of Cluedo. As the “ghost” of Lucy brings the audience through a customised version of the game, including specific places she’s been on holidaying like “the yacht trip in Europe”, and suspects she’s met through her life, and murder weapons including “accidentally taking speed on a night out”, the fun part of the show is getting audiences to pick from each of those categories, where you will then hear a snippet of her life related to those categories. What perhaps differed a little from a typical game of Cluedo was that the 3 categories had no real relation between each other at all, and any combination you picked won’t really matter since the stories end up being 3 separate stories anyway.

Lucy however, is charming. She’s funny, and willing to poke fun of herself, and all she gets up to, particularly on holiday. You learn a lot about her through this entire hour, and she’s not afraid to pull back the curtains and not shy away from even the most humiliating stories about herself. In fact, the embarrassing stories are probably where she thrives. There was no real hesitation from the room right from the beginning as Henderson eases everyone into a comfortable zone that people get excited to pick from screen and join in the fun. What perhaps helped Henderson was having her brother in the front row, whom she was able to bounce back and forth with between her stories, and made it feel more of a relaxed environment - despite some stories that felt a little awkward to share in front of your family members.

This was a fun night out, and a great way to bring a whole different method to straight-up stand up comedy. It meant being able to bring in different stories without it feeling too out-of-place, and getting the audience involved right from the beginning. Although did we really need a detective-themed song to be playing in the background throughout the entire show? Perhaps not. It started to feel a little like white noise halfway through. A special shout out to the dedication in making the whole interactive slide show as well. Branded as a “work in progress”, I can’t wait to see where Lucy Henderson’s Comedy Cluedo goes from here.

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