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Review: Lou Wall: The Bisexual’s Lament at the Rhino Room - ADL Fringe

Updated: Mar 14

Review by Tatum Stafford 

Lou Wall’s name definitely proceeds them - after missing their award-winning show ‘Lou Wall Vs The Internet’ at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe, I jumped at the chance to catch their latest show, ‘The Bisexual’s Lament’, at 2024 Adelaide Fringe. And boy was I glad I did!

The concept of the show is super accessible and quite wholesome, even if it was derived from a very tough year in Lou’s life. They have compiled a list of 300+ things that have made them laugh out loud recently, and in this show, we’re treated to about 70 of them in rapid-fire musical comedy style.

Lou whips through the list with expert comic timing and a healthy mix of visual gags, in-jokes with their family (shout-out to their mum who seems like an absolute legend), and references to heavier themes and topics that strike a perfect balance of sensitivity and hindsight humour. Lou reflects on the adage that comedy is tragedy plus time, and puts their own spin on the concept by highlighting how important it is that we find the humour in the everyday.

Some items on the list are super simple and silly (think TikTok videos, or funny moments out in public they have snapped on their phone), and some offer perfect punchlines for Lou’s original comedy songs. The song they whipped up about a disastrous Facebook Marketplace conversation that ended in a local robbery (no spoilers, go see the show) is one that had the audience in complete stitches for minutes after it ended. Such a treat and so painfully relatable. 

The most impactful items on their list, though, were the ones that showcased the joy that can be found in the everyday, which they were taking particular note of in a tough time. We’ve all had rough periods of life, and it was so heartening to see them take on the things that brought them happiness after a break-up and some really terrible incidents that followed it for them. 

Lou handles some of the show’s more sensitive themes with care and gentility, and created such a warm and welcoming environment within the room. It was a real treat getting an insight into their world, their friends, their family, and the things that we could all see out and about everyday if we just took a little more notice. 

It was only the second night of the show when I saw it, but you would not know it. Lou is a masterful storyteller and stupidly funny in seemingly off-the-cuff moments throughout. Highly highly recommend, and can’t wait to hopefully catch it again if it makes its way over to Perth Fringe 2025 (please).

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