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Review: Limbo: The Return at The Grand Electric

Review by Lauren Donikian

We are all born naked, and the rest is circus. Not quite the reference we are used to hearing but the sentiment is the same. We are constantly learning to become the people we were born to be and for the lucky ensemble of Limbo The Return they have found their home at The Grand Electric.  

As you enter, the room is dark, and the thrust stage is lit with red lighting. As the audience comes to a hush the spotlight falls on a few members of the ensemble that are covered in a red curtain, at the back of the stage. The curtain drops, there is a blackout, and the music starts. Circus artists then perform a mixture of aerial tricks, with some killer vocals and a live band accompanies them. A marble in a glass bowl, a sousaphone and a bullhorn are just some of the instruments used throughout the performance, but it is the beatboxing and use of sound effects that create the atmosphere in this 100-minute performance. The vibe is otherworldly and sexy, and the cast bring it to life with their talent and flirtatious natures. 

Whilst no words are exchanged between the artists, the support and admiration for each artists talent is apparent. From helping with holding ropes, to setting up a Chinese pole and spotting each other the ensemble is always on – watching and in the moment. Ben Loader kicks off the show with a single aerial rope act. Unlike anything I have seen before he flips and spins with ease. Hilton Denis, tap dances his way into the audiences’ heart and gets them involved with some vocal audience participation. Mikael Bres impresses with his Chinese pole act, which he makes look effortless. He also provides a lot of the special effects and beatboxing throughout the show and is a real all-rounder, singing and dancing throughout the show. David Marco Pintado stuns with his slack rope act which occurs across the room, so as you can imagine there are a lot of audience members holding their breath. He is a cheeky performer and one to keep your eye on during the bendy pole act in the second half. Maria Moncheva is a force to be reckoned and her aerial chain performance is spellbinding. Clara Fable with her angelic vocals is magical to watch, and her expertise in her fire skills really lights up the room. Grant Arthur gets in on the fire action with his Sousaphone and is a multi-skilled musical artist. Mick Stuart, drummer, and guitarist brings his high energy to the show and shows off an instrument of his own creation a Polymba which has to be seen to be believed. Last, but not least is Sxip Shirey literally the beating heart of this performance. As music composer and sound engineer, he stands out – not just because of his amazing fro, but his sound effects and artistry boost the performance to make it seem out of this world. 

The skills of these artists are undeniable, and they know how to put on a good show, you leave smiling and questioning how they move their bodies in such a way that looks effortless. I was a little thrown as I am used to an emcee hosting the night, but the show flowed, and it was beautiful to watch. If you are after a night of wonder and excitement, then this is the show for you.  

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