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Review: Lady Beatle at Riverside Theatres

By Adam Stepfner

Lady Beatle, created by Adam Brunes and Naomi Price, takes us on a thrilling journey through the work of one of the greatest bands of all time, The Beatles. Inspired by real events, Lady Beatle gives audiences a glimpse of the magic created by The Beatles, reimagined for the modern day and brought to life on stage, with all the classics such as “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”, “Here Comes The Sun” and “Yellow Submarine”.

Naomi Price is electric as the lead. Her performance holds you captive until the very last second, in an almost collaborative experience between herself and the audience. Price takes us through the story of a woman’s relation to The Beatles, and bit by bit leads us through her story, leaving us questioning her relation to the band, broken up by spectacular renditions of the songs we all know and love. Price’s voice is astounding and full of power, with a performance fuelled by passion and providing such emotional range, her work soars. Darran Muller, Phil Roach, Tnee Dyer and Jason McGregor make up the band, backing Price through the entire show, while they remain to shine alone, they play with energy and dedication, representing the makeup of The Beatles.

Leigh Buchanan’s costumes fit perfectly with the piece. Price sports a “Mia Wallace” style wig (by Rebecca Hubbard) and a grey coat for the majority of the show, while the band wears black and white with grey blazer’s. Price states in the piece that “lady beetles can’t see colour, they only see light and dark” which Buchanan explores through her costume design. In the finale, Price wears a red suit covered in glitter working flawlessly with Jason Glenwright’s lighting. Strands of light hang from the ceiling, providing an ambience on stage, whether that be adding colour to the stage or simulating diamonds in the sky. Positioned in a circle that hovers above Price, the lights draw us even further into the world being portrayed on stage. The lights stand out in this production, playing a vital part in the construction of the show. Jamie Taylor’s sound, provided us with soundscapes of screaming audiences, and echo’s of Naomi’s words, giving the audience an all-round sensory experience, that works wonderfully in tandem with Glenwright’s lighting.

Lady Beatle shows us the wonderful world of The Beatles, through a completely new and different lens, and the experience speaks for itself. From the engaging story that draws us in, to the outstanding vocal’s provided by Price, and to the finale that feels like an old-school playlist just came on at a house party, Brunes and Price have created a show that is simply brilliant. Much less just a “show” and more an experience, Lady Beatle tours throughout September, October and November, and it cannot be missed. Whether you’re 8 or 80, this show has something for everyone, a must-see not only for Beatles fans, but for all.

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