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Review: KINGS AND QUEENS at the Concert Hall, QPAC

By Josie Montano

The Kings and Queens concert claimed to be ‘music fit for royalty’. The ensemble of musicians were absolutely the Kings and Queens of the People’s hearts as they stole not only this heart of mine, but those of the thousand strong audience who were riveted, aroused, mesmerised and left emotional by the orchestral sounds reverberating throughout the Concert Hall at QPAC.

This event was their ninth amazing concert within their 2019 calendar, and the Musical Director of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Alondra De La Parra has promised to deliver a multiple series concerts, eg:- maestro, choral, masterworks, music on Sundays, chamber players and other special events. The Kings and Queens concert is the first of the Music on Sundays series of five, with all featuring a mixture of shorter classical works. It was also recorded for later enjoyment on Classic FM radio. An extremely detailed program helped with not only the usual biographies and listening guide, but a glossary of terms and a ‘who sits where’ for the concerto novices.

The concert bestowed the audience with eighty minutes of superior entertainment. We were transported to a palatial world of velvety musical delights. An auditory feast that included ‘Entrance of the Queen of Sheba’ by Handel and my ultimate favourite, Beethoven's ‘Symphony No.7 in A, Op.92’, which is such a classic and is still played two hundred years on. We were also treated to a solo by the QSO’s Principal Trombonist, Jason Redman who gave us an insight into the work and its composer, Wilfred Lehmann. ‘The Concerto for Trombone’ included a Prelude and Finale, and was reminiscent of great film music. We were honoured to witness the esteemed Conductor Fabian Russell, as he shaped the musicians sounds with controlled precision and paced execution, in turn they delivered unified pieces of orchestral perfections.

The Master of Ceremonies, Guy Noble also wears many hats. He is a Conductor, radio host, and has a long term association with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. He can also add to his hat - Stand Up Comedian, as his quips and wit entertained us in between each composition. Guy also gave individual commentaries that complemented each piece. We were also honoured to receive a visit from ‘Queen Elizabeth’ herself, as she presented herself on stage. I could only ponder on how uncanny it was that her humour and satire matched that of our host, Guy Noble.

Having said all that, let me not forget to give a special mention to each and every musician on stage. Over eighty talented musicians deserve to celebrate their accolades together, all dressed in black formal wear, the men in black tie, their professionalism oozed from the stage.

I highly recommend booking your seats at one, two or more of the 2019 season performances at QPAC. With over twenty-five concerts including symphonies, opera, sounds from the deep, Latin American, a master violinist, themes of animal kingdom as well as toys and puppets - there is magical orchestral music for everyone.

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