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Review: Jordan Barr Saturn Return lol The Enmore Loft

Review by Lauren Donikian

Astrology can be a divisive topic, but Barr stands her ground when it comes to talking about Saturn Return. Does she win the crowd over? Mostly.

I was one of those that needed to be convinced as I had no idea about it. Luckily for me, Barr broke it down using a PowerPoint presentation. Now to some, this could seem like a school lecture, but Barr uses it to explain herself through popular culture references. The slide show isn’t used as a crutch or a gimmick, which is refreshing to see. Whilst there are images that could be funny, Barr is funnier. She is a clever comic that has done her research. Not only on the meaning of Saturn Return, but how it has presented itself throughout history. You could say that many high-profile individuals have experienced their own. Barr is currently in her first threshold. There are 3 and so this is her opportunity to talk us through her first.

You can tell that Barr is comfortable on stage, besides the screen and a bottle of water there is nothing else that she needs. Some of her jokes had clearly been written to make the audience feel smart, which we can’t help but love as we feel that we are in on the joke. She doesn’t shy away from hot topics and treats most of them with the respect they deserve. Giving us a glance into her life Barr is not afraid to make fun of herself or experiences in her life that she may not have thought through fully.

As Barr continues with her set, I can’t help but feel like she is a friend, and we are talking one on one. I know the Enmore Loft is a small and intimate space, but there was something more to it. She spoke my language, used millennial references that I understood (although I am slightly older, so I didn’t get all of them) and where she was at in her life. Whilst she didn’t give it all away, she mentioned some moments that have shaped her over the last year. If at 29.5 Barr is to enter her next threshold, I really hope that she can grab adulthood by the horns, and not leave too much of her youth behind.

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