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Review: Jordan Barr ‘Saturn Return Lol’ at The Victoria Hotel - MICF

Review By Tessa Stickland

Saturn Return Lol is comedian Jordan Barr's latest hour of stand-up comedy.

Barr is a natural and relaxed performer. Her storytelling is brilliant. She gives just enough away to keep us hooked and wanting more. We want to see where each tale is going to go.

The audience were all on board from the get go and loving it. This was helped, I'm sure, by the use of a visual aid.

As is popular with many stand-ups, Barr uses a PowerPoint presentation to underscore jokes.

Barr doesn't rely on this heavily. She uses it sparingly to change up the pace and keep the show feeling fresh and natural. It means that when she does use it, it packs a punch (staring into the closely cropped eyes of one of the real life von Trapp children has never been so funny).

I was so engrossed in it that I sort of forgot I was there as a reviewer (which I normally have in the back of my mind while watching a show: making a mental list of things to mention in the review). I put this down to Barr's relaxed demeanour. (So… it’s her fault if I poorly write a positive review?)

There is also a cheeky side to Barr. Though perhaps ‘cheeky’ isn’t the right word. She’ll flip from her easy-going self into a low level of ‘gremlin mode’.

For example, she tells an embarrassing story. The audience, naturally, laughs. She picks an audience member near the front. Leans in. Her voice goes low and gravely, and says ‘I’m gonna kill y-’ then returns back to normal with a ‘haha nevermind’. That’s good shit right there.

It’s never actually antagonistic. In fact, it leans more into self depreciation. It’s like Barr uses it as a self defence mechanism. She’s revealed something cringeworthy, and it’s her way of acknowledging that it is awkward, while still remaining in control. It’s like a joking ‘noo, haha, don’t laugh,’ when in fact they do want you to laugh.

But what is a Saturn Return? Well, I won’t go into it in too much depth, as Barr does address it in the show – but all you need to know going in is that it’s an astrology term.

But don’t let your opinions on astrology sway you for or against the show. You don’t have to be a lover or believer to enjoy it. Barr, ultimately, takes the astrology stuff with a grain of salt. While she doesn’t dismiss it, she definitely also makes fun of it.

Saturn Returns are associated with major life changes. So if you’ve just made a career change, gone through a breakup, or anything else Big; you’re bound to find this relatable. It’s a show for the lesbians and the late-20s/early 30s. It’s a show to see and have a fun time.

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