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Review: John Glover Must Die at The Enmore Loft

Review by Lauren Donikian

What can I say about John Glover? A comic that is on the up and up and after coming off a 10-show run at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, he can’t and shouldn’t be stopped.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing John improvise with a group of people, but to see him on stage alone, clearly comfortable in the space and honest about his upbringing was a real treat. He is sassy, cheeky and nasty (in the dirty kind of way) which is how I like my comics.

On entry into the Loft there is a small vase of flowers on a stool with a framed picture of a young Glover. He is pulling a face only a mother could love. When he enters, he is dressed as a priest with a big cross and a ‘Lost’ bible. Interpret that as you will. What follows is John’s journey into his faith, what it meant then verse now, how his life experiences have shaped him into the person he is today and what legacy he will leave behind.

It is a raw performance from Glover, who exposes himself and brings his audience along for the ride, and while not everyone is comfortable in some of his material, they feel totally safe in his presence. He is a confident comic who reads his audience, who acknowledges when a joke doesn’t hit the right way and then surprises you with another. He is unabashed, charming, and truly funny.

In a theatre without a spotlight, John shines as the incredible talent that he is. Whether it is a clever quip, an off the cuff statement or dropping his ‘Lost’ bible on the floor 3 times HARD he has a heart of gold and proves that throughout his one-hour show. A favourite moment of mine was when Glover mentioned another show he appeared in throughout the Melbourne International Comedy Festival featuring “a celebrity who should remain nameless”. John’s words, as he doesn’t want to brag… but to note - he will drop a bigger celebrities name a few moments later. This is Glover to a T, a hint of mystery, a cheeky mic drop moment and then a little backwards kick of his leg. John Glover must die eventually... we all will but he’s not going anywhere yet.

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