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Review: Gillian Cosgriff: Actually, Good at Pleasance Courtyard – Ed Fringe

Review by Tatum Stafford

After being lucky enough to catch this beautiful gem of a show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival earlier this year, I was so excited when I saw it was heading to Edinburgh and I’d have the chance to review it, and share my enthusiasm for this phenomenal performer.

Gill creates such a beautiful, wholesome and welcoming vibe with this show. It kicks off with a bit of context about a holiday she took to the Whitsundays with her partner, when it started raining and they needed to entertain themselves. What followed was a humorous game of ‘what are your likes, from 10 to 1 from least liked to most liked’?, which forms as the basis for this show.

During the hour, Gill asks the audience to shoutout their likes, from 10 to 1, and in between she shares memorable likes from previous audiences or her friends, sings songs she has penned about her experiences in the last few years (trigger warning COVID), and tells stories about her friends and what this journey of collecting ‘likes’ has meant to her.

By the time she arrived in Edinburgh, Gill had pages and pages of really wholesome and hilarious ‘likes’ which she shared with us throughout the show.

She is a captivating, talented performer, who has the fantastic ability to run the audience participation aspect of the show ‘on the fly’, and weave in her brilliant songs that combine musical comedy with her gorgeous singing voice and impressive riffs.

I won’t spoil anything here, but it’s well worth going along to this show if you’re in need of a dose of human goodness, and some perspective on how the things we like shape us as people. Even in the one hour of the show I caught, I learnt so much about the audience members sat around me, and had the joy of hearing Gill chat through her own list.

This is a heart-warming show filled with talent, heart and humour. The concept is absolutely brilliant and keeps it fresh for audiences every night. Good luck snapping up a ticket – this is definitely one of the best cabaret shows I’ve seen this Fringe and I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time watching it.

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