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Review: Geraldine Hickey: Of Course We’ve Got Horses at Assembly George Square - Ed Fringe

Review by Lucy Holz

As the audience files in I’m surprised to see the size of venue. Geraldine Hickey is big name in Australia but at the Edinburgh Fringe this year she’s performing in The Box. It’s a tiny popup space and I feel very privileged to see such a seasoned comedian in such an intimate venue.

Hickey opens the show sporting a backpack and goes to make a witty opening remark when there are some fumbles with tech. Fortunately this opening scuffle does not represent the rest of the show, which is wholesome and of course, very funny.

We hear all about Hickey and her wife’s lockdown hobbies, do a deep dive into the conservation of Orange Bellied Parrots and hear a play by play of Hickey’s beach house wedding. The show has a gentle, conversational style and has everyone feeling like we’re a bunch of girlfriends out to lunch at the pub.

As a fellow Victorian I found the many place references relatable and engaging, but some of which may have briefly alienated foreign audiences who haven’t visited Australia.

Hickey utilises consistent audience interaction, something which can be tricky in such a small space. She pulls it off beautifully though, with a perfect mix of prepared material and off the cuff witticisms.

Hickey’s style is gentle and comforting, there are no cringe moments or controversial takes. This is an hour of wholesome comedy and if you love reality TV, animals and weddings this is the perfect night out at the fringe. My personality is a Venn diagram of all three of these topics, making this show feel like it was specifically curated for me.

It wasn’t though, this performance will have a wide appeal for anyone who just wants to switch their brain off and have a laugh.

At the end of the show Hickey’s tech has another hiccup, as her exit song doesn’t play. Hilariously, she has created such a delightful and supportive room during her time onstage that the audience begins singing and clapping the song themselves.

Fortunately, Hickey does not require functioning tech to create a fabulous show and Of Course We’ve Got Horses is a great way to spend an hour. You might even cop a handshake from Hickey herself if you sit in the front row.

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